Exempt From Our Own Words

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1615.  The Captain was sad to learn the news of Whitney Houston. No doubt everyone is aware of her triumphs, failures, and well documented career. Her personal demons are no one else’s business. 
Yesterday while getting the children ready for their day, MTV was playing all of her videos. It got the Captain thinking…
There are a number of people who count Whitney as an inspiration, or at least claim to have found strength in the words of one of her songs.  Personally, I always loved One Moment In Time.  As an athlete, it was exactly what you hoped for.  It embodied the idea of meeting, and being prepared for, your destiny.
“Each day I live I want to be /A day to give /The best of me /I’m only one/ But not alone /My finest day Is yet unknown”
Which brings the Captain to his wondering…Do singers find strength in their own lyrics?  Or are they exempt from the lessons? Houston sang a lot of empowering songs.  Did she ever listen…to herself?
I’m not judging.  I didn’t live her life.  I certainly don’t know what it is like to be a celebrity, or any other pressures she had to deal with. 
But does the same idea apply to us?  How many times do friends seek “sage” advice, yet when we find ourselves in a dilemma or moment of self-doubt we ignore the very words of caution or support that we loaned to others.  Do we exempt ourselves from our own words?
It’s an interesting concept to think about – especially around kids.  Are we modeling the best behavior – or is it a case of “Do as I say, not as I do”?
It is human to err and to have doubt, but how do we make this better?
The Captain doesn’t have the answers. Only the questions here…
That’s all for now.  Cheesy Valentine post coming later.  Until next time, be well!
Captain out.

10 thoughts on “Exempt From Our Own Words”

  1. That is so true, we tend to easily give advice to others but yet we cannot take our own advice at times. I think that is the case with Whitney too. So sad that she had to go so soon like many great talented celebrities.

  2. Good thoughts! I particularly liked her singing of the national anthem. Powerful, clean, pure and lovely. Those that jazz it up are mostly covering up the fact that they can’t sing anyway. Just sayin! Whitney will be remembered for many songs and movies. So sad that the messages she sang did not penetrate to her own life.

    • Loved her rendition of National Anthem. I learned that 90% of singers tape the performance first. She taped it AND sang it live. I remember it being one of those goose bumps moments where a song ceased being just a song – there was some heavy meaning there…


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