Watch out for in your ear.


Look for low and away...but watch out for in your ear.










Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1671.  The Diaper Dweller is testing the limits of unconditional love.  After hours of fitful sleep, the Diaper Dweller still could not rest, so, consequently, Mrs. Captain could not sleep.  The Captain got tagged in at about 3 a

The Captain tried everything.  The Diaper Dweller would not relent.  He cried, he squealed, he squirmed. So the Captain did something stupid what any reasonable parent would do – he handed the boy back to his sleeping mother. And then the boy puked.
In her ear.
So the Captain thought the Diaper Dweller was hungry, but he was actually seasick.  Very seasick.  After a day of illness with Mrs. Captain, the Diaper Dweller has the misfortune pleasure of being cared for by the Captain.  And so here we are.
So the Captain’s advice for cranky kids in the middle of the night?  It would be the same advice that Shoeless Joe (although his portrayal was inaccurate – Joe Jackson was a left handed batter, Ray Liotta swung from the right. Bush League)  gave to Moonlight Grahm in Field of Dreams: Watch out for in your ear!”


Captain Out.

Don’t forget the usual…

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