Who Let the Dogs Out?

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1689.  And Mother Nature is spoiling another good plan.  A month ago it was 90 degrees. Hot. Unseasonably warm.  Now? A balmy 43 degrees with this…


Mrs. Captain and I had planned on taking the Eldest and the Diaper Dweller to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for “Mutt Strut”.  Mutt Strut is a pretty cool opportunity to walk the same track used for the Indy 500 with your dog.  This is done after a donation to the Humane Society.  The Eldest has been talking about this for weeks.  The racetrack is actually en route to and from day care so she sees it everyday.

But then the weather came.  You see the map.  The Captain is familiar with the saying, “Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning.” The Captain got the warning early.  There was thunder, lightning, wind, and cold.

The Captain has a pretty good memory.  Last time the family did the Mutt Strut the weather was too good.  In fact, it was hot.  So hot that the Captain wound up riding on the back of a golf cart holding a 150 pound rottweiler who could not finish the 1 mile trek.  Ever hit a curve holding a dog that is too big for the vehicle you are riding?  Given the weather, I did not want to repeat the ride holding a 50 pound boxer and a 4 year-old.  Plus it was cold.  Did I mention that?

Knowing that the Eldest would be disappointed, I sought to have a good alternative to walking the racetrack.  Enter Steak N Shake.  What child doesn’t like a good milkshake?  And so it came to be that the Captain and the Eldest had a daddy daughter date over shakes, corn dogs, and steakburgers and thus avoiding sure frostbite, cramps, and sure peril at the hands of a moving golf cart on turn 4 (I still have nightmares).

That’s all for now.  Captain 1.  Mother Nature 0.

Captain out.

Don’t forget the usual…

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