Cash Kitchen

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1722.  The Captain used to enjoy watching MTV Cribs from time to time.  The Captain can’t afford the cheapest of options. There are some pretty zany things that appeared on that show.  Ice T has snack machines so his friends have to buy their snacks instead of eating his food. Hysterical. Shaq had some amazing cars and an indoor full sized gym. 
Then I saw this article about an NBA player with an ATM in his kitchen.


I have heard about a cash cow, but this is different.  An ATM? In your kitchen? Do you have a cafe in your kitchen? Do you have to feed dollars to the microwave?
The Captain is at a lose for words.  But this may be a great idea.  What better way to teach kids about money.  You could literally have a Mom and Dad Bank of America.  Need cash? Use your card.  Oh, your account is low? Better deposit some money. 
Forget allowances.  You can give your kids jobs and a card.  No begging for money.  Friends come over and need money? ATM. 
The Captain wonders what kind of fee he should charge.  Hmm. 
If installed this would be the strangest thing in my kitchen.  What is the strangest thing in yours?
Captain Out.

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