The one about dinosaurs and gas.


Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1702.  So the Captain saw an article that we need to talk about.  Dinosaur gas. Yep, you read that right.  Dino farts.  According to this article, it is believed that Dino toots may have contributed to global warming.  Apparently, Dinos put out an estimated 520 million tons of gas per year compared to an estimated 50 – 100 million tons of gas emitted by such beasts like cows, goats, and giraffes. 
They are too proper of an animal to expel such putrid scent.  This has to be a lie.  Geoffrey never toots in those Toys R Us commercials.  Of course, that would be funnier if they added that in at the end.  Ha! In the end.  I didn’t even mean for that pun to happen. 
520 million tons per year? No wonder dinosaurs are ecstinked (see what I did there)? Can you imagine?  Dude, it had to be rough. 
I have no idea if this contributed to global warming.  I am not smart enough for those discussions.  I would contend, however, that middle schools and frat houses would probably give dinosaurs a run for their money.  Hey, but what do I know?  
I can’t wait to tell the Eldest about dino toots the next time we go to the Children’s Museum (they have a ginormous dinosaur on the outside of the building that actually has its head inside the roof).  I can already hear the laughter now. 
Wonder what would happen if you called “doorknob” (a special game that my middle schoolers play…that my generation may have perfected in college) on a dinosaur? Especially, since the invention of doorknobs was millions of years away. 
Who knows.  Deep thoughts to begin your Friday.  Dino fart thoughts.  Try not to chuckle when you think about a sauropod serenading the fields.  Anyhow.  Have a great Friday!
Captain out. 

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