S.O.S. Garage Sale


Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1743.  The Garage Sale. Is. Here.  All I know is somebody better come buy this stuff.
So we have advertised on Craigslist and in a mommy group that Mrs. Captain is in.  I don’t have a local Daddy group (I do roll with LifeofDad.com – what set you claiming? Just kidding. We aren’t a real gang; we don’t even have a secret handshake or anything…yet.) to advertise in.  But we will see who comes. 
So far the only sales have been to friends and neighbors.  One woman stopped by and lamented that we didn’t have a lot of boys’ stuff. “Sorry, lady.  Let me check our stock and see if we have anything in the back.” “Yep, this is all we have, thanks for stopping by.”
There was a gentleman who may have slightly resembled my grandfather who did a drive by on the cul de sac to see what we had. He gave me the double head nod.  Not sure what that means, but if you all don’t hear from the Captain in about a week that means my grandfather’s evil fraternal twin brother semi-doppleganger’s double head nod is a Sicilian message: The Captain sleeps with the fishes.  Provided someone buys this stuff.
If not, I will be here garage saling, which, though I have never slept with the fishes, is definitely a better prospect. 
Captain out.  

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