D.A.T. (Day After Turkey)

Captain’s Log.  Diaper Date 1898. Daddy Chronicles.  Today is the D.A.T.  Day after Turkey, formerly known as Black Friday.  The Captain used to hop in the car and run with the crazies for overpriced sales.  It was fun for awhile.  The Moc Admiral (Cap’s Mom) would join him for the adventure.  The lines were more tolerable with good company, hot chocolate, and Christmas music.  But somehow Black Friday slipped into Black Midnight then Black Thursday then Black After Turkey hasn’t been digested yet.  The Captain aint down with that.  As much as we like deals, steals, and low bills (that’s a trifecta rhyme) , it just isn’t fair to the workers to have to come in to work on a holiday.  Let them sleep. 
In the meantime, The Captain is following a commercial success (hypocritical, I know) in the use of the Elf on the Shelf! 
Captain stayed up late setting up the elf – complete with an elf sized personal letter to the Diaper Dweller and the Eldest.  At the time of the posting, Jingle Bells (our elf) had not been discovered. 
Does anyone else participate in this?  Captain will try to post some more pictures of other elf presentations.  According to UVerse Santa Tracker there are 32 more days until Christmas.  Oy!
If you have suggestions for Cap post them in the comments or on his Facebook page.  In the meantime, he will be combing Pinterest and the internet for ideas.  For now, Captain out!


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