Destructo Junior

Captain’s Log.  Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1949.  The day the Diaper Dweller came home The Eldest was so proud.  She was a big sister and her little brother was cute, cuddly, and harmless. 
Those days are memories. 
In the words of Remember The Titans, The Diaper Dweller is “mobile, agile, HOSTILE”.  At 19 months he is a machine of curiousity and destruction.  He meets new things with a curious eye, a shriek, and then a violent shake.  It is like a personal challenge to see if the object can withstand his wrath. 
He comes by it naturally.  His old man (The Captain) was once known as “Destructo”.  In the wake of my destruction I left multiple things – including toys (ironically labeled unbreakable), a crib, and my sister’s possessions.  I was the Incredible Hulk in diapers.  I just didn’t turn green. 
Well, The Diaper Dweller claimed his first terror trophy – a snow globe that belonged to the Eldest.


To her credit, she handled it well.  She protected her brother from the glass shards and even helped pick up the mess. 
Next time may not be as pretty.  It is clear, however, that the honeymoon phase is over.  The Diaper Dweller has announced hos presence with authority.  Guard your valuables.  Destructo Jr. is on the scene.
For now…Captain Out.

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6 thoughts on “Destructo Junior”

  1. LOL….I must admit there are times I am truly glad I only have one child. I know for my nieces that when the honeymoon phase ended with a new addition to the family that “Global Intergalactic War” is an understatement…..


  2. That’s funny. My boy kept asking when his little sister would be old enough to play with him, but as soon as she got old enough, she started messing with his toys. I think he just wanted his sister to be a big toy…


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