The Holy Grail

The Captain is working on a Dad 2.0 Summit post.  In the meantime, enjoy this post. 

Captain’s Log.  Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1965.  So here I am.  The Captain. Wide awake with the Diaper Dweller on my lap watching a movie at 2:56 a.m. Why? Because sleep hates my house, but that is a story for another day.
Instead, I would like to treat you to a story of my failure.  My failure to reach The Holy Grail. 
I have a theory.  You spend your childhood finding the things you enjoy in life so that you can spend you adulthood chasing them.  Sometimes the chase is easy.  Other times it can be arduous.  Nonetheless, half of the enjoyment is the journey. 
Such is the case of The Captain’s chase for the Holy Grail – the high score at the Chuck E Cheese Pop a Shot. 
The Captain has spent many a years chasing the glory that is the high score.  And once it is attained, I believe that I will attain everlasting youthdom tm. 
Anyhow, on a recent trip to see the mouse, I was granted about 5 tokens to achieve my feet. The first two don’t count because the Diaper Dweller pulled at my leg and decoded to join in my crusade.  He was not helpful. 
Later I got three shots at it.  And the Captain took them. 
The high score was 64.  The first opportunity I scored 48.  Nove enough.  Second 52.  I was feeling it. 
The third token I was on fire.  I hit the first 20 shots.  Missed the next two and was en fuego again.
As per my superstition, I don’t look at the score.  The last ten seconds buckets go from two to three points.  I drained a plethora of three, but ended with the last three flanking off the rim.  When the buzzer sounded my tickets spit out and I looked at the score.  64-58.  Those last three buckets cost me my destiny.  My legacy.  As I sunk my head and went off to rejoin my family, a young girl stood waiting for her turn. 
The Captain said what any responsible adult would say. “Have fun hoopster, but beware of the disappointment that awaits.” The girl was undaunted.  She dropped in her token and started popping shots. Fortunately, the Captain was not bested by the kid, but she had an impressive showing nonetheless.  I didn’t get you this time Pop a Shot.  But I will one day.  I will. 
For now…Captain out. 

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2 thoughts on “The Holy Grail”

  1. Love that game! I can play that all day with friends, battling to see who can get the best score. Or mix it up and drain some fade aways, finger rolls, or deep threes. So much fun and a lot of trash talkin. Wish I had a high enough ceiling at the house to put one of those in the man cave. I’d come up sweatin. lol. Thanks for sharing!


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