Vacation Workout

Captain’s Log. Disney Chronicles. Day Unknown. Vacation is defined as “(Noun)
An extended period of recreation, esp. one spent away from home or in traveling.”
Webster apparently has never been to Disney. With children. There is indeed plenty of magic. Part of the magic is the workout you receive.
We ride a bus everyday from the resort to the park. We push a double stroller through hordes of people. We hull the stroller on the bus and off of the bus. Children want shoulder rides. Arm rides. They stomp in puddles. They try to run in front of buses.
This is all taxing. But when the kids smile and laugh it is all worth it. The Captain will have more details of our escapades including riding with pirates and meeting Woody and Buzz. But for now we are going to enjoy our last 24 hours of Disney. So for now…Captain out.
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2 thoughts on “Vacation Workout”

  1. I agree….Webster was clearly never at Disney. I took my then-five-year-old daughter with me. And we went with my mother- and sister-in-law. In July. Two years ago. And I’m still not convinced that we’ll ever go back. It’s sort of like…well, we did it, she’ll remember forever, we’re all set. 🙂


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