I AM A #SuperMilkMan

I was paid by Life of Dad, LLC to be an entrant in the #SuperMilkMan competition. So, in essence, I am being paid to have the opportunity to meet Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – who is the star of the Milk campaign #SuperMilkMan. This is a great gig.
What? You didn’t see The Rock’s ad during the big game? Well, suffice to say, The Rock saves the day.
The Rock knows a thing, or two, about fitness and the importance of protein.
First of all, Milk is an important part of our morning routine. The Captain’s family rises early and powers through long days beginning with an eight ounce glass of Milk. The breakfast table is a good place to focus on the goals for the day – or the intricate plans (of 4 different schedules and needs) with which many families are familiar.
Milk is a good source of high quality protein – one of the building blocks of our bodies. It also includes vitamin D and calcium. An eight ounce serving is the perfect start to the day and source of healthy energy. In fact, we have joked with The Eldest that we are going to cut her Milk supply off because she has already outgrown some of her school clothes that we bought in the middle of the summer.

So what makes me a #SuperMilkMan? The good thing is that my #SuperMilkMan status didn’t come about because of an exposure to gamma rays, a bite from a spider, or deriving power from the sun. It comes from drinking Milk. My days are busy – I am a dad, a husband, a teacher. I wear many hats and have many tasks. In order to reach my potential each day, I start with a good breakfast – which includes an eight ounce serving of Milk.
As part of the contest, I had to create a 15 second video about being a #SuperMilkMan. Here’s a glimpse into my transformation into a #SuperMilkMan.

I really hope I get the opportunity to meet The Rock. In fact, I have a number of questions that I would love to ask him. I wrote a fun piece about it on Life of Dad that you should definitely check out.
Do me a favor. If you love the Captain, be sure to visit thebreakfastproject.com and @milkmustache on “the Twitter”. Let @milkmustache know that you would like to see The Captain aka “The People’s Blogger” meet The Rock aka “The People’s Champion”.

I would love to win this competition. There are a number of other #SuperMilkMan guys out there. Be sure to use the hashtag on Twitter and on Instagram and give those guys some love too.
For now…Captain Out.
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8 thoughts on “I AM A #SuperMilkMan”

  1. ‘Sup, Captain?

    This is got to be one of the coolest contest. I mean, who of us dudes wouldn’t iShoot the other to get a “shot” at meeting The Rock. I’d say “let the best #SuperMilkMan win”, but each of the guys in this are pretty dang cool. So I suppose we just carry the winner on our shoulders as the one of us that made it to the top this once. (The People’s Eyebrow lookin’ at’cha….)

    The Cheeky Daddy

    • Cheeky Daddy! What’s up bro? You nailed it. Great contest and even better guys. We need to keep interacting after this thing is done.


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