Show’n Some Love

Poop Deck Community,
I’m trying to start a new weekly post that includes some links outside of my blog. These links may include pieces I have written elsewhere or things I’ve read that I would like to share. This week includes both.
I have a new post on regarding my displeasure with my football team. You can check it out here.
There is also a fun Disney post written by Dadscribe. If you need a reason to go to Disney, well, he has 101.
There’s another post written by DadnCharge about being laughed at for being a stay at home dad. Great piece to read whether you are a stay at home dad or not.
The last piece is a bit artistic. It’s from twin-mom and it is about taking better photographs of your kids.
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Have a great week. New post coming…the last of 2013. See you soon.
Captain out.

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