No Place Like Home

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2400. Daddy Chronicles. This is the 2,400th day that I have been father. This is still 242 days short of Cal Ripken Jr.’s Major League Baseball streak for games played. Needless to say this fatherhood thing is far from “old hat” and there won’t be any medals, records, or victory laps in 242 days. In many ways I am still like a rookie, but I am loving every minute here in “The Show”.
The Captain and crew are currently enjoying Spring Break. In the last week, I have tackled the Big Apple (alone) and Cincinnati, twice, (with family) but we are now back home. Boring, predictable home. And I love it.
I will be sharing the tales of my travels soon (they were pretty awesome), but right now I am enjoying the quiet (mostly) of being in my home with my family. The walks, the games, the snuggles, the pirating, the movies, the snacks, the cats, the dog- you get the idea.
It is true when they say – there is no place like home.
Much more to come this week, Poop Deck Community, but for now…Captain (and crew) out.
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