Constructing with Imagination

Toys with batteries are indeed fun, but sometimes it is nice to let the power of play come from the imagination of the child. Such is the case with the Triceratops Bulldozer from the group at Educational Insights. It is a simple, solid product with unlimited possibilities.


Dinosaurs seem to be a favorite of many children, and construction seems to be a natural outlet for play as it encourages children to build, tear down, and rebuild.  The Dino Construction line from Educational Insights combines the best of both worlds.


The tracks turn as your child pushes the truck leaving mini dino tracks in the sand, or dirt, if that is where your child chooses to play with the dino truck. My son took this truck for a ride in the sandbox, on the deck, and in the house. The bulldozer is easy to clean – simply hose it off and you can take your triceratops fun inside.  The tail and head of the bulldozer are able to be manipulated according to the imagination of your child.

The triceratops is one of my son’s favorites which is why we selected it, but it is merely one of many in the Dino Construction line.  The line includes the Brachiosaurus Backhoe, Ankylosaurus Steam Roller, and a T-Rex Skid Loader. Regardless of the dino you choose, your kid is the foreman of the construction project, and the end result is fun.

The trucks are durable and, as mentioned earlier, easy to clean.  No batteries to change, no pieces to construct or replace, this is a great toy to engage the vivid imagination that children deploy every day. Another cool thing is that each truck is designed to do a different job – just like the real construction trucks they are emulating. The Diaper Dweller pushed dirt and demolished sand walls with his Triceratops – all the while providing the sound effects and “story” for his play. If you have a child with a vivid imagination then this a toy that I would highly recommend.




For more information on the line of excellent products from Educational Insights check out the links below and unleash the creative play in your kid.





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Disclaimer: Though I was not compensated for this post, I did receive the Triceratops Bulldozer to review. As always – my words and thoughts are my own.


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