Everyday is Father’s Day


A Father’s Day post in July? Yep. You know why? Everyday is Father’s Day as a dad. The same applies to moms and Mother’s Day too, but let me explain. One of the things that you learn when you become a parent is that life never stops. There’s always something to do. This year for Mother’s Day we had a soccer game and one other commitment. For Father’s Day we had swim lessons and another commitment as well. But that by no means detracts from the day or the daily celebration.

But here’s the thing, you can celebrate being a father (or mother) any day of the year- simply by enjoying time with your kids.

My friends at Lee Jeans sent me a fun box chock full of stuff to celebrate Father’s Day. They sent jeans for the kiddos, cargo shorts for me, a tshirt, shorts for my wife, a slew of BBQ tools, and some good ol KC BBQ sauce and meat rub.

We have celebrated on many occasions since then. We have grilled, multiple times, camped out, gone to the drive in, gone on a pirate ship, and much much more.

As a seasonal stay at home dad, I have the pleasure of going on a number of adventures. One of the best tools for said adventures is a pair of comfortable shorts with lots of pockets. Enter the Lee Dungarees. I have pockets for keys, tokens, snacks, money, passes, etc.


We have several more weeks before school starts up again – which means we have many more trips to the museum, the zoo, the ballpark, the library, and much more. Not to mention more grilling!


I enjoy celebrating the time that I get with my kiddos. How do you celebrate being a parent?

I look forward to seeing where our Lee shorts take us next.

Disclosure: My friends at Lee Jeans sent a very generous box full of items for me and my family to enjoy. Lee provided clothes, BBQ tools, BBQ sauce, and my family generated the fun. I was not compensated for this post. My words and thoughts are my own.

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