The Monday After 7

Captain’s Log. Diaper Dater 2560. Daddy Chronicles. We survived the birthday weekend. In case you were wondering, it’s like surviving vacation. Vacation is awesome, fun, adventurous, but it is also work. And so are birthdays.

We had a low key class party (that was art themed), gymnastics, and a trip to the pro soccer game here on Saturday. Sunday brought a special breakfast, a nap, and a small family gathering. Mixed in there was a great deal of play and fun.

Many mixed emotions (all good) about another year and an older child. I am simply amazed at how much she has grown, but also want to find a way to slow time down. But such is life.

The girl had a great time and even expressed as much. Here’s hoping the week kicks off well and that 7 is the best year for her yet.

In the meantime, it’s off to get ready. Another post coming soon and a HUGE, fun post coming this week. Stay tuned.

For now…Captain out.


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