Captain’s Log Diaper Date 2640

Captain’s Log, Diaper Date 2640. Daddy Chronicles…
Today is just one of those days that you take on the chin. It wasn’t a “bad day”, but one with a proverbial dark cloud over it.

I shouldn’t be upset- my family is healthy, we have all we need (despite the accusations of one of the heirs to the Empire), and things here are, well, good.

I try to watch the news in the morning before the kiddos get up because, you know, the news isn’t always full of bright forecasts and ticket giveaways.

There was something weird about this morning.

I saw a story about a rocket we are sending into orbit, putting us a step closer to putting astronauts on Mars. Mars. When I was a kid, that was simply a candy bar, not a conceivable destination.

The next story dealt with much of the civil unrest across the country. And that’s when it hit me- we have the capability, the technology, to put human beings into outer space, yet, we struggle with the ability to empathize with the people with whom we already inhabit this earth. Coupled with a foray into the Twitter world – it just caused those dark clouds to form.

And so I unplugged. Chatted with a good friend, played with my kids, and tried to let those dark clouds dissipate.

Tomorrow is a new day full of new promise. And hope.

That’s all for now…Captain out.

4 thoughts on “Captain’s Log Diaper Date 2640”

  1. There are and always will be dark clouds of negativity that settle on our species, moments in history that seem to keep repeating themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to keep those negative feelings at bay. Yes we are capable of so much greatness, but so many atrocities as well. When I feel like that I unplug, I search for the literature, the quotes of great men and women who started a change. Enough to start movements across the vast world we live in. Ripples that spread. I call them the light bringers, the spark finders, the soul keepers, and I latch onto them and enhance them. It helps. That and lots of hugs and kisses.


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