Captain’s Log 2670: The Parking Lot


Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2670. Daddy Chronicles: The Walmart Parking Lot.

10 years ago I never would have imagined myself here. A Walmart Parking Lot. Sitting and surfing. I’m not shopping and I have no intent of leaving the car.

Why am I here?

Because I am forcing my son to nap.

Normally I wouldn’t care. Normally, we would just handle whatever, but you see we have tickets tonight to see Marvel Live. And I’m not taking the Hulk to see the Hulk.

And so I brought him in the car and drove until he fell asleep. And now I am sitting here, writing, sitting, surfing, listening to the radio as my son sleeps.

Go ahead judge me. I’m not really worried.

He will be happier because of the nap and therefore we will have a better time tonight. I ain’t worried.

I’m the meantime, I am enjoying this very gray weather and the best people watching in the county.

Fortunately, it isn’t cold and I won’t have to sit here for long. But this is part of fatherhood/parenthood that they don’t tell you about- and so your Captain is peeling the curtain back for you to see.

Well, it’s about time to move on. It’s been fun while it has lasted. I’ll let you know how the event goes.

That’s it for now…Captain out.

3 thoughts on “Captain’s Log 2670: The Parking Lot”

  1. If I had a dollar for every minute I’ve spent driving a nap-striker off to dreamland, or surfing in the truck while little miss napped, I’d be quite well to do!
    So many things about parenting just aren’t in any books.


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