Morning Coffee Conundrum: Coffee Joulies

There many wonderful things that I can say about coffee. The sound of the coffee maker going off in the morning almost counteracts the sounds of the alarm. The aroma? Amazing. The taste? Stupendous. The heat? Well, that’s a different issue.

There are some people that have the intestinal fortitude to pour a piping hot cup of coffee down their throats as soon as it is ready. I am not one of those people. And this is where the problem begins – the wait for the coffee.

If you find yourself waiting too long, you inevitably forget about your coffee. Drink it too soon and you burn your tongue and therefore can’t enjoy the coffee when you can drink it. And so it is great joy that I present to you the solution:

Coffee Joulies.


That’s right, relief comes in the form of 5 metal stones.

Each egg is about the size of half of a chicken egg. As mentioned before, each order comes with 5 stones. For every 4 ounces of liquid, you are meant to use a stone.

Does it work?

Yes. Not only do the stones cool the coffee down to a palatable temperature, but it keeps it hot longer. It is important to note that these stones work best in a thermal double wall mug- a small price to pay for drinkable coffee.

I guess the best evidence that I can offer is my wife. She won’t touch her coffee for a good 15 minutes after it is poured. The first day I received the Coffee Joulies, she absconded with them – and drank he coffee as soon as I poured it. She kept them for the rest of the week.

When I finally got them back, I put them to the test at school. I was able to maintain a warm cup of coffee for a much longer period of time than I otherwise would. Normally, my coffee turns cold midway through a period. I refilled my cup at school and after first period, the coffee was still hot.

Coffee Joulies make a wonderful gift to yourself or others. It’s like making an investment in your coffee. Think about that the next time you find your cup of coffee that you left in the microwave hours after you put it in to warm it up.

Disclosure: Though I was not compensated for this post, I was sent an order of Coffee Joulies for the purpose of review. All thoughts and words are my own.

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