The Chore Challenge Recap #ad

I have been invited to participate in an hhgregg ambassador program, and this post is sponsored by hhgregg. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. (Be sure to check out then end of this post for the $100 hhgregg gift card giveaway.)


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take part in the Chore Challenge at hhgregg which was put on in partnership with the All-Pro Dads. Individual shoppers and families were invited to visit the on site obstacle course and race through to try and post the best time.

There were a number of people and families, but imagine my surprise when “Coach Dungy” himself showed up to run the obstacle course!


The gauntlet that was setup for families was fun, yet challenging. There was a dryer that they had to retrieve bed sheets from, then they took the sheets to a bed and had to make the bed, then they were to proceed to a grill and “make a hot dog and hamburger” (the food was plastic), then they ran to a refrigerator and unloaded groceries into it, and finally they retrieved a football from the fridge and had to throw it into the open door of the dryer where they started. It was hilarious – but also a good reminder of all things that are available at hhgregg!




The competition was all in good fun and families were encouraged to participate together. Everyone who participated was given a $10 gift card and entered into a drawing to win a $500 gift card and a Broil King Grill and a recliner. All Pro Dad also gave away copies of Tony Dungy books and autographed items.

About 45 minutes into the competition, participants were greeted with another surprise- former Colt and Super Bowl Champion Hunter Smith dropped by to sign autographs and chat. And, for added measure, he brought his Super Bowl ring. Hunter was very gracious- he signed, posed for pictures, and spent a good deal of time just talking with the families in attendance.


Hunter even let me try on his Super Bowl Ring (and didn’t laugh too hard at me when I told him I was a Browns fan) and even gave me some tips on punting.



Next, Hunter walked the floor of hhgregg and met some employees, talked about football, his band, and many of the fun Father’s Day items that hhgregg carries.

The competition continued and ultimately the grand prize (Broil King BBQ grill and a recliner) was awarded. Needless to say, someone was getting a pretty cool Father’s Day gift! One kid also walked away with a brand new tablet, and many Colts fans walked away with some Tony Dungy autographed items.


It was a very fun event to attend, but here’s the best part – there’s still one more prize to giveaway. I am fortunate enough to be able to offer a $100 gift card to a random reader. All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me what your least favorite chore is (since it was a chore challenge) and one commenter will be selected (at random) to receive the gift card. Contest ends at June 23, 2015 11:59 pm EST. You must leave your comment on this blog post before then.

For further giggles, check out the video that hhgregg produced showing kids telling dad jokes. And for some gift ideas, check out my post on Life of Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

15 thoughts on “The Chore Challenge Recap #ad”

  1. picking up dog poop is my least favorite outside chore (3 dogs over 40lbs…) and dusting is my least favorite inside chore!!

  2. For some reason, my least favorite chore used to be emptying the dishwasher. I say “used to be” because we have been without a dishwasher for over a year now. So, now I long for the days of dishwasher emptying instead of a counter full of dirty dishes!!!


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