Becoming My Own Barber

There’s something rejuvenating and refreshing about a clean shave. While the barbershop experience is nice, there is something fulfilling about being able to provide that experience in the comfort of your own home. Enter Men Essentials.

I have tried a number of razors, and there has, usually, been one of two issues: comfort and price. The razors that are affordable don’t always provide the best shave, and the ones that do provide a comfortable shave cost a bit more.

MenEssentials sent me a kit that has improved my home shaving experience. For the first time, I am using a safety razor – which allows me to use disposable blades (much cheaper than disposable razors) in a reusable handle.

In addition to the razor handle, I did also receive shaving cream and a large brush to lather my skin before shaving. It was like being at the barbershop, but with no wait and no cost!

Another item that I received was a razor disposal. Disposable blades are cheap and convenient, but there are not always convenient to throw away – especially if you take care of your own trash.

The kit came in handy this past weekend when my wife and I took a trip to Memphis for a friend’s wedding. Not only was I able to trim and shave my beard area, but I was also able to shave my head to completely clean up for the occasion. And I was able to do so with speed and comfort – thanks to my safety blade.

MenEssentials is a great one stop shop for all things shaving and beard maintenance. Be sure to check it out.


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