A Car That Works Like a Parent

I have always viewed the Toyota Camry as a grownup car. There is an air of responsibility, safety, and durability. I’ll never forget the time my roommate from college got one. It was one of those post college moments when you realize that one of your close friends had grown up – and maybe your time was coming. 

I was committed to being a real life Peter Pan, in many ways, but parenthood has a way of changing you. You find yourself working hard – no longer just for your hopes and dreams, but for the potential hopes and dreams of your family. And often times you find that those hopes, dreams, and needs change. You have to be versatile. Sometimes you are at play, sometimes you are working, and sometimes you are running on fumes. 

When I got my chance to drive the new 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid, I realized that it worked just like a parent. 

For a four door, I was impressed with the space. I fit comfortably inside as did the two car seats that were easy to install. There was plenty of cargo room in the trunk – a necessity for even the shortest trips with kids. 

Being a lightweight geek (I’m not well versed in technology, but love using it), I was impressed with not only the dashboard display, but also the center console which hosted the Entune App Suite (a number of wireless and Bluetooth options) – including my favorite: satellite radio. 

The moonroof was a nice touch, and an option that the kids enjoyed. 

The Camry was so many things: sleek, safe (it boasts a back-up camera, blind spot monitor, and lane shift alert), sporty, and with the hybrid engine it was easy on the gas and quiet. But don’t you worry, the Camry also had the acceleration you needed to make that lane shift. 

This wasn’t my roommate’s 97 Camry (which was an impressive car itself). No this Camry is a definite upgrade. A grownup car with the safety features and fun technological gadgets to enhance the car riding experience. 

Parents, if you are looking for a ride that works as hard (and efficiently) as you do – the Toyota Camry is the set of wheels for you. 

Though I was not compensated for this post, I would like to thank DriveShop for loaning me the Camry for the purpose of this piece. 


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