How to Name A Puppy

There are many challenges associated with the adoption of a new pet. There are the medical concerns, nutritional, and even social considerations to make as one brings a new beast into the family. 

Perhaps the greatest concern, and biggest point of contention, is not which dog to adopt but what name to use. 

Our family has adopted a rescued puppy. He’s cute, has big paws, and loves the kids. He is from Texas. And when we asked the kids what we should name him, the controversy began and ended with one name – “Leo”.

You see the boy wanted to name the dog after the leader of the Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo. Leo is his turtle of choice. The Eldest, though she had no suggestions, wanted nothing to do with that name. 

For a period of time that seemed to equate with a tortoise running a 5k, the two went back and forth about one name. Leo. There were tears, balled fists, and even a flying turtle, yet neither side would give in. 

And then The Eldest shifted her approach. The dog came with a prepackaged name of Hank. 

“What if we called him Hanky?” 

“Yeah, sister! We could call him Hanky!” 

And just like that the Battle of Puppynym was solved peacefully. It was like the Eldest had pulled the smoothest of all Jedi mind tricks, and  the boy swallowed it Hank, line, and sinker. 

Personally, I was hoping for Butkus (like Rocky) or Chewie. But Hank will suffice. 


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