Tough Relief from Fisherman’s Friend #ad

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Fisherman’s Friend for this promotion.
The winters in Central Indiana are brutal. There is a wide dynamic range of temperatures that Mother Nature can tease you with. Within a two week span we have had temps range from a balmy 72 degrees to a frigid 19. Mother Nature ain’t right. 


Keep in mind this is no Southern California dreaming scenario. I’m not hopping in a pool, or basking in the sun. It is Winter. And Winter comforts no one. You have to be tough to weather the rolling tides of temperatures, and because of the fluctuating thermometer it is necessary to have an equally tough throat lozenge on hand. Enter Fisherman’s Friend. 

Originally formulated in 1865 in Fleetwood, England, Fisherman’s Friend were meant to be natural, rapid relief from cough and colds. They are gluten free, are free of GMOs, and sugar free. These lozenges are used by those seeking relief from cough, sore throats, and congestion. Billed as “strong relief for those strong enough to handle it”, I will admit I was blown away the first time I used Fisherman’s Friend both by its strength and relief. 

I don’t get colds often, but the rapid, and frequent, change in temperature can wreak havoc on the sinuses. And when the winters are tough, you have to be equally tough. 

How tough? Well, in the Life of Dad post, my friend Patrick staged the cutting of a tree. Well, I fell a tree. With my bare hands. 

Okay, the tree may have fallen on its own, but once it was on the ground? I tore it apart with my bare hands. No saw. Just my Fetus Fists of Fury® and pure will. I hauled the wood and also piled it. And now…I need a saw or someone who knows how to use one. Maybe Patrick can make a road trip and help me out? Two tough guys versus one tree? The tree stands no chance. 

There have been a number of cold remedies used through the years ranging from the use of dirty socks to frog skin to whiskey to even egg yolks, but the toughest cold combatant may be Fisherman’s Friend, trusted since 1865. 

Speaking of tough guys, I have the pleasure of kicking it off to one of the toughest dads I know – Jason Greene


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