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I am a proud Memory Web ambassador. While I have been compensated for content, my words, thoughts, and memories are all my own! 

This is the time of year that people list the things for which they are grateful. I am thankful for so much. Last week’s #tbt on Instagram was again brought to you by my friends at Memory Web

3 years ago I remember seeing this rainbow after a weird hard storm. It was, and is, a good reminder there is beauty even in adversity. I would love to see your  #mwnovemberchallenge photos on Instagram. In fact, we are  having a giveaway. A random photo on Instagram with the tag #mwnovemberchallenge between 11/17/16 and 11/27/16 (ending time of 11:59 pm EST) will win a $50 Amazon gift card (just in time for holiday shopping:) 

This is an Instagram only contest. And it gets even better! I’m also giving out 25 free @memoryweb accounts. Simply go to this link and follow the directions. First 25 get a free account. Please check it out, I’m a big fan of Memory Web and excited to be able to share this with you. Do me a favor and share with a friend. It’s like a Black Friday deal that you don’t have to get up for! 

So go ahead and grab that free account and share those November memories! 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. 

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