Think: A Lovely Beard

I think have discovered a secret. I think I have. 
I think I know where thoughts come from. 

Have you ever watched someone have a think or develop one? 

They usually are touching their chin or their forehead when they do. Now, I realize that some will say this is a nervous habit, a sign of stress, or perhaps a coincidence. However, I think it is something more. 

I think it is the source of thinks. 

What if the beard area is like the mission control of thoughts? The engine. The fuel? 

Ever notice that even people without beards pretend to coax thought from their imaginary beard? Perhaps there is something to that. And if that is the case then maybe, just maybe, the beard is more important than we thought. 

Recently, I was sent a sample of beard oil from Lovely Beards to try out. In addition to a faint scent of vanilla and sandalwood, it has softened my beard a bit. 

I’m not a bit product guy (I’m usually bald or close to it – so I don’t use any in my hair), but the beard oil is easy and convenient to use – just a few drops per application. 

While the oil does not guarantee thought production, it is meant to aid your beard in three ways – make it softer, healthier, and prevent beardruff (yep, that is a thing). 

I’m going to continue to test out the product as my son just asked me if I can grow my beard out more. 

In the meantime, I am going to continue to ponder my thought discovery. Does it make sense to you? Just think about it…

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