Space Jam – A New Legacy

I had the opportunity to see Space Jam – A New Legacy (thanks to Warner Brothers for providing the opportunity!). I also had an amazing opportunity to chat with Don Cheadle – more on that in a minute.

A Quick Review

First, I would like to share my non-spoiler review of the movie. I enjoyed it – a lot. Being from Cleveland, I will admit to being a big LeBron fan. And being a movie goer, I will attest to being a huge fan of Don Cheadle.

But that’s not why I liked this movie.

There’s an inherent danger with sequels – especially ones that occur significantly later than the original. What I enjoyed about this movie is that I think it respected the legacy of the original, but told a different story this time. It was not simply an updated retelling.

I also really enjoyed that this story was focused on some of the common struggles that families face. While we might not all be celebrities or superstar athletes, the idea of trying to find our own paths is a relatable challenge.

The New Legacy focused a bit more on the point of view of our kids.

I also found the film to be funny (hello, Looney Tunes) and nostalgic with a number of references to WB properties.

I will also say that I appreciated seeing representation from the NBA and the WNBA in the cast.

Back to the Theme

Family and fatherhood are pretty big subjects in the movie.

I was honored to be a part of a round table of dads who got to talk with Don Cheadle about his role in the film and his thoughts about fatherhood in general.

I could tell you about the question I asked and what he said, but fortunately I have a clip of it for you to see.

The full conversation with Don Cheadle was an amazing dive into so many aspects of fatherhood- inspired in part by the movie but also a collection of dads chatting.

After you check out the interview, check out the movie either in theaters now or on HBO Max!

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