Day 1600

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1600…Duh.
Some of you may have figured out the diaper date thing.  For those who haven’t – since I’m not smart enough to figure out a star date or anything cool like that, I date the log based on the days since I changed my first diaper (yes there is an app for that and yes I use it). This also happens to be the same day I officially became Daddy. Yep, I changed the first diaper…and just about every other one in the hospital. Mrs. Captain had done all the heavy lifting.  The least I could do was was some cleaning.
I remember that first diaper – a sticky gooey, gross mess. And the smallest diaper you have ever seen.  And how the eldest smiled screamed at me while I changed it.
A lot has happened since then. I’m pretty good with diapers with the diaper dweller, and we have even upgraded to cloth (can you say saving cash?). I have figured out a bunch, but still learning a bunch more. 1600 days is a long time.  If the Lord created the world in 6 days (He rested on the 7th) then I am SLACKING. At the same time it has taken more than 1600 days (still counting)  for my Browns to make it to the Super Bowl. It is a matter of perspective I guess. 

These 1600 days have been filled with diapers, tears (of joy – how they started actually), laughter, tears (of frustration, lack of sleep, sadness), more laughter, learning, big moments (crawling, walking, talking, first hotwiring of cars), little moments (naps), and so much more.
What I’ve learned about this job is that I am still learning. For example, I bragged about being good with diapers and the diaper dweller challenged me with the biggest diaper he has had to date. I’m still undefeated, but not unscathed…lol.

Well, it is time to shove off to work.  Here’s to day 1600 and the many more to come.

Captain out.

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