A Super Day


Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1602. Yesterday, the Captain was fortunate enough to acquire a press pass for the Media Day for the Super Bowl – along with a colleague and two students. The Captain was like a kid again…
Within minutes of getting said pass, the Captain and crew encountered Adam Schefter – who was probably breaking news on his Blackberry.  Mr. Schefter was kind enough to pose for a picture with our young journalists.
We took a long walk to Lucas Oil Stadium. Along the way I saw a lot of familiar faces. 
The Captain was elbowed by Bob Ryan, accident I am sure – he seems like your goofy uncle, and had his hand crushed by an Eddie George handshake (he is a GIANT MAN).  And..had his picture taken with Mo Jones Drew.
Oh, and the Captain’s students? Yeah, they made national news. They were amazing. They did a better job than anyone would have expected.  It was a Super Day indeed. 
And now it is time to make the donuts.
Captain Out.

4 thoughts on “A Super Day”

  1. The only Bob Ryan I know is a famous weatherman (DC area) lol but I’m fascinated by your (and your students) adventures! Great experience, Captain!

  2. No picture with Eddie George? Have to say I’m a little disappointed…but then again…I am a Buckeye. Sounds like an awesome day! I’m glad you got to have fun and your students were on point.


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