Mobile, Agile, Hostile…

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1579.  And the world, as we know it, is ending. The diaper dweller is now able to crawl – not well, but he is indeed mobile. He has not synced his movement yet, it’s not the most coordinated movement, but it is progress.

We have been preparing for this moment for some time, but we still aren’t ready.  He hurls himself about the floor aimlessly.  He has no initial Target, but when he gets close to something he attempts to chew it: toys, keys, wires, dog bones, etc.

  In the past he would flop and cry. Now he moves and cries because he knows he isn’t going very fast AND whatever he sees he knows we are going to take away.  Currently, he is fixated on the canine’s water bowl and her bones.  Now I don’t know about you, but I think that dog bones might be the perfect teething toys.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Captain does not feel the same way. 

Lost in all this is the eldest. She cheers her younger sibling on.  She seems almost oblivious to the doom that this exercise of motor skills spells for her things.  This is essentially a sibling act of war.  He has put her on notice that he no longer has short range capabilities, but he also has long range ballistic ability to harm her stuff.  Yet she cheers him with every frankensteinian (not a word, I don’t think but you get my point don’t you?) movement he makes (mainly because she sees the two of is excited).  She is a good big sister.  I hope that her good will is rewarded…and not with broken toys.
The Captain’s house is now on Defcon 12…the unintended breakage of stuff is imminent.  The diaper dweller is mobile, agile, and hostile…but he’s kind if cute when he smiles with his two teeth and drools. Unless, of course, he has just bitten you.
Off to get ready. Captain out.

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  1. So embarrassing but I will come clean… We have used a dog toy (cleaned, bleached, boiled, etc. of course) as a teething tool. Don’t tell!


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