My Great Nephew Inspires Deep Thoughts

Captain’s Log, Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1580. The Captain got to meet his great nephew last night. It is always funny how a parent’s immediate reaction, when holding a new baby, is to try and remember their child(ren) being that size.  The great nephew is a handsome young man.  The only knock against him is that he wailed as soon as he got in the Captain’s arms, but who could blame the lad? He is used to good looking parents then all of a sudden he is in new arms, looks up, and is wondering, “Umm, who is this dude?”

The eldest got to be the big cousin for the first time in her life. She relished the role. She was gentle, kind, and didn’t apply the headlock (or any other submission hold she has learned) that she generally uses on her brother when she is protecting her toys “hugging” him.

My nephew and niece (is she niece in law? I don’t know, she’s family, we love her dearly, but I’m not sure what family tree name she is supposed to have…) are good parents. They don’t seem to have that deer in headlights look that the Captain still has to this day had for the first month of parenthood.

It’s funny thinking about those days…your world completely changes.  Everyone warns you that it will change, and you believe them, but no one can really explain how, or to what degree, your life changes.  It is like being in line for a roller coaster, not being able to see the tracks, how fast the cars go, hearing the screams of joy and fright, hearing the cars hug the track, hearing the bumps and the smooth parts, waiting for your turn and hopping on blind.

And when you get on, the track is custom made.  No one has a ride/experience exactly like yours. Some people adapt well to it. Some take more time.  All I know is that my Great Nephew (he is indeed great) is in good hands.

And when people say it changes your life. It does. It changes your life in incredible ways.  Not saying that I don’t remember life before the tax deductions were born, but it makes you wonder what you did with all that time…and all that sleep.

Please understand that I am not saying that your life is incomplete without kids.  That would be incredibly disrespectful to my amazing friends with fur babies or who don’t have any kind of kids at all. These are just observations from MY roller coaster.

Well, it is time to go educate the children of America.

Captain out.

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