One Ring to Rule Them All

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1587. So over the three day weekend, the Captain broke his wedding ring.  It was the strangest thing you have ever seen.  What did the Captain do? Stick it in a vice, hit it with a hammer, throw it against the wall? No, I simply sat down.  The top layer popped up and peeled part of the way off. The eldest thought it was hilarious. 


Mind you this is the Captain’s second wedding ring – same marriage different ring.  The first one had four little diamonds in it and one popped out.  The peeled ring was supposed to be a replacement.  It lasted about 5 years. 
In an effort to keep the symbolic visible symbol (yeah I know that sounds stupid) of the union with Mrs. Captain, the Captain selected a ring that Mrs. Captain gave him as a gift long ago when they were dating.



Mrs. Captain doesn’t exactly like it, bit my middle schoolers will find it hysterical. Or they will make fun of me. Especially, if I say that it is “baller”. Which I wont- cause it sounds weird.

In the meantime, I will return the peeled ring back to the dealer and see what they can do for me.  If it is nothing but a “sorry about your luck”, then the Captain will be headed to another venue to search for one ring to rule them all – or just one that I can’t break. 

Captain out.

4 thoughts on “One Ring to Rule Them All”

  1. That ring is too funny! Do you have the shirt to match? – Why do they not make rings like they used to? My folks have been married 64 years and have the same rings.

    • Lisa,
      I actually have the pajamas to match! Lol. They really don’t make rings like they use to. I am hoping to get the original one fixed. That would make me happiest. Thanks for reading and I love your posts on Twitter!

    • Jeremy,
      That may be the way for me to go, but that also scares me! One of my coworkers suggested just getting a tattoo. So I’m trying to figure out which pic of Mrs Captain would be best to put on my finger. Just kidding. She would kill me if I did that!


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