And the Tree Was Happy

I wrote this after my son’s party this past weekend, but chose to wait to share it now on his birthday. Sorry for all the metaphorical, figurative language, but that’s where this English teacher’s head was. Enjoy.  I doubt the trees know what I am thinking, and somehow I doubt that they would care, but … Read more

Building My Resume

My resume is extensive, and, if I may humbly say so, impressive. No, not my work resume (though I am proud of that). My parenting resume. Ahhh. Now your wheels are turning. Think about it. Think about all the hats we parents wear on a daily basis. It is overwhelming, challenging, and, sometimes, fun.  Obviously … Read more

Dad, The Pro Wrestler

Captain’s Log.  Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 2105. I always wanted to be a professional wrestler.  I grew up in the WWF (now WWE) era of Hulkamania.  The training, saying your prayers, and taking your steroids vitamins, brutha. We used to act out all of the moves.  My favorite was pretending to be the Hulkster and … Read more

They Grow So Fast

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1751.  A week ago Captain and Mrs. Captain held a garage sale.  We sold some stuff. Donated some stuff to Goodwill, and still have some stuff.  It was harder than the Captain thought it would be.  For more reasons than you think.  The obvious challenge is setting up the … Read more