Finding Melody in History

History has a song and sometimes it takes awhile for us to recognize its Melody. I’ve mentioned before that my mother integrated a school, and how I had the opportunity to visit the land that my ancestors worked as slaves, but those stories (and many others like them) can be difficult at times to convey … Read more

I Hope I Remember

This one is for my daughter. At the end of last school year, someone asked you why you were lucky, and, without any prompting you said, “Because I have a daddy that stays home with me during the summer?” That warmed my heart. You see, summers are precious to me. Historically, it has been when … Read more

Captain’s Log: Cookie Dad

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2700. Daddy Chronicles: Cookie Dad. So the truth is this- I wasn’t much of a Boy Scout. I lasted one meeting. One. I can’t tie a knot, start fire with twigs, or identify poison ivy. But that doesn’t mean I want the same for my kids. Mrs. Captain and I were … Read more

The Bully

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1646. It is Friday and that should be a good thing.  However, today the Captain feels like that kid that picked on the school bully and now has a date with destiny behind the schoolhouse after the last bell.  You know, one of those, “Oh. So you think you’re … Read more

Raising a Supervillain…part II

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1639.  The Diaper Dweller is approaching full strength.  This makes the crew happy and scares us at the same time.  Around dinnertime last night, the Diaper Dweller resumed his regular tactics.  He tortured the Eldest by taking her things. Fortunately, she found it adorable and cute.  It might have … Read more