The Strength of Summer

The Strength of Summer Why are summers important? School years are long, arduous, and challenging. Yes, I am aware that “teachers get the summers off”, however, what most people don’t realize is that teachers work at least a summer’s worth extra during the course of a school year. And don’t get me wrong, though it … Read more

Finding Melody in History

History has a song and sometimes it takes awhile for us to recognize its Melody. I’ve mentioned before that my mother integrated a school, and how I had the opportunity to visit the land that my ancestors worked as slaves, but those stories (and many others like them) can be difficult at times to convey … Read more

My Sedona Speaks

I’m a Kia Sedona and this is my story of my experience with the Anthony family. There were six of them. SIX! And they had lots of luggage. People underestimate the amount of stuff that kids require even on vacation, yet I was able to easily accommodate all six passengers and their stuff comfortably. They … Read more

Christmas Mixtape: Track 2

Short post for Day 11. It has been a rough couple of days health wise in our house. And the sleep is lacking…NONETHELESS the posting must go on! The Barking Dogs “singing” Jingle Bells was one of my favorite Christmas songs, and thus it earned a spot in the pantheon of holiday tunes known as … Read more