#HafftoLaff This Halloween with Laffy Taffy

I have partnered with Laffy Taffy to bring you this fun tale of costume creation. Though I have been compensated, my words, thoughts, and costume are all my own.

It struck me as I watched my eldest carve a pumpkin and place it on her head, that I didn’t have a Halloween costume.

I mean we had everything else – pumpkins, decorations, some Laffy Taffy to hand out, but I had no costume.

I probably should have been worrying about why my eldest donned a gourd on her dome, but my head was other places. I was multitasking – carving a pumpkin for my son who had tired out and dreaming of what costume would best portray me as an individual.

It was an existential moment of sorts as I continued to carve the Zelda symbol that my youngest had so ambitiously requested, but didn’t have the stamina to finish.

I feel as though parents have to pick the right outfit. It should probably compliment the children’s or embody something unique about the parent himself/herself.

I immediately eliminated portraying that famous spy and that former wrestler/movie star. I can’t pull those off.

Then I realized that I didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare. I had to come up with something quick. Simple. Yet, funny.

I needed to think outside of the box. The box, A box.


And then I needed my eldest. I shared my plan with her and she shared her fee with me (I’ve taught her well!). We negotiated on terms and she produced my low cost, yet high humored, costume.

Out of the form of a box, I became…

A Smart Cookie.

In other words, I was a walking Dad Joke. Funny enough that if I were a joke, I could be in a Laffy Taffy wrapper. And I don’t think there’s anything more fitting.

Hope you have some fun this Halloween. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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