Writing for November

I can’t explain to you why I stare at blank screens searching. Hoping.


I can’t explain to you why I consider the cursor a silent companion, or guide, on each verbal journey.

But I do. And here I am.

Sometimes I know ahead of time what knowledge I seek.

Sometimes I know the stories I want to share.

Sometimes I know the emotion that I want to illustrate.

And sometimes. Sometimes I just need to tap the keys, or the screen, to make room in my head.

Sometimes it is simply a cathartic cacophony of cerebral chaos that needs to just get out.

I’ve let far too many Novembers pass. And I’ve let myself get out of a groove.

I guess this is just a way to say that I’m back in – let’s do this National Blog Post Month thing.

There are many stories to tell and thoughts to examine.

Yes, I know I’m jumping in late, but I’ll try to catch up.

Here’s to words on the screen. In my head, this is what it feels like:

That’s it for now.


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