How to get on the NICE List


As you can see, Santa and I are tight. He once warned me to slow down because I was carrying precious cargo. Well, he gave me a few goofy tips (he was laughing so hard he almost spit out his candy cane) fo parents to insure inclusion on the Nice list. Here it goes – 

  1. Say “Yes”. Try doing something with your kid(s) that you normally wouldn’t do. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or spend any money really, but what’s something outside of your comfort zone that the kids want to do that you can afford (emotionally) to try? Try it. 
  2. Eat dessert first. Go ahead. Break the rules and let the kid(s) see your inner kid. Whether at home or out and about, stop and have a sundae, pastry, or some sort of dessert or dinner, and remember that large smile your kid while have on his or her face. It’s worth it. Do it just once. 
  3. Play. If your game bonus anything like mine, it is stuffed and sometimes dusty. With all the electronic devices, we have forgotten how to sit around a table, play some cards and laugh at our good, or I’ll, fortune! 
  4. Read with a silly voice. Many of you may already do this, but let loose when you read to your kids and bring those fictional characters to life. 
  5. Show some kindness to others. Doesn’t matter if it is volunteering in a soup kitchen, donating cans or money to a cause, donating used clothes. Remind yourself, and your kids, that there’s a bigger world out there and that we each can make a difference somehow. There’s still a few hours remaining on Giving Tuesday, but your generosity doesn’t have to be restricted to one day. Need some thoughts or ideas? Check out R.A.K.E. (Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere) or Dads 4 Change to see compassion in action. 

Bonus tip: Santa likes chocolate chip cookies. I’m his official taster, so feel free to send those my way. 

That’s all I’ve got for now. Captain…out. 

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