Watch Goblet of Fire with Me

Live blogging Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! The movie begins with the darkest opening yet. Skulls and a snake. And a graveyard. This might be my favorite soundtrack of all the movies. So when the older gentleman climbs the stairs with the cobwebs and then the snake appears…wouldn’t he run? Interesting thing – … Read more

My Own Robot

I have partnered with Miko 2 to provide the review that follows. Though I have been compensated for this post, my thoughts and words are my own. As always, please check the product website to confirm details and claims.  I’ve always wanted my own robot.  I grew up with shows like The Jetsons and Lost … Read more

Guest Movie Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

The Captain is currently on vacation and missed a fun screening of the new film Ant-Man and the Wasp. However, his movie partner in crime, The Dead Turkey himself, Jason ElRite, previewed the movie and provided the following spoiler free review for you below (Thanks, Jason!). Enjoy!  Ant-Man and the Wasp: Marvel Scales Up a … Read more

An Incredible Return

Last night I witnessed an Incredible return. I was treated to a sneak preview of the new Incredibles 2 movie. I was not disappointed. The original graced the screen 14 years ago – before the Captain was even a father. I remember borrowing a friend’s 5 year old so that I could go see it … Read more

Headed to Brickworld

The Lego brick has been with me my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are with tinkering with bricks from various sets that I owned – making my own creations. Flash forward to fatherhood and the Legos are still here. Now I tinker and encourage the imaginative creations with which my kids create, and … Read more

Previewing Rogue One for Kids (Potential Spoilers at Bottom of Post)

(Note: There are potential spoilers buried at the very bottom of this post only for those wanting to know specific details regarding the rating of the movie. The post is about how I preview a movie for my kids and not meant to encourage or discourage you from taking your own. Enjoy.)  Last year, I … Read more

Pedaling In My Sister’s Footsteps

My sister convinced me to do something crazy and now I’m proud to announce that SmartyPants is making a donation to my Pan Ohio Hope Ride .  So technically this is a sponsored post, but it is a charitable one. I am a proud member of #TeamSmarty and thank them for their continued support of families and well-being. My thoughts and … Read more