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Live blogging Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

The movie begins with the darkest opening yet. Skulls and a snake. And a graveyard. This might be my favorite soundtrack of all the movies.

So when the older gentleman climbs the stairs with the cobwebs and then the snake appears…wouldn’t he run?

Interesting thing – if you watch the Prisoner of Azkaban (movie #3) when Harry tricks Lucious Malfoy into freeing Dobby, Malfoy attempts to use the Avada Kedavra (killing) curse before Dobby saves him. It is the first curse used in movie #4.

Why is Cedric in a tree when he is introduced?

The port key is a fancy introduction and piece of foreshadowing.

The Weasleys may be in my top 5 fictional families.

And this quidditch match is the closest thing to sports I’ve seen since well the last movie.

How do the pointy hood people go unchecked? And that sign? I would have been out!

David Tennant is one of the most intense people I’ve seen on screen. The Doctor Who/Jessica Jones/How to Train Your Dragon dude steals the screen.

Okay, the Beauxbatons School were the original Tik Tok stars. The school that Krum is from looks like an outtake from Frozen 2. I dig their style.

Finnegan getting busted by Moody is teacher goals.

The stained glass window crying is a great metaphor for Longbottom.

The Weasley twins going Grumpier Old Men at the goblet. Hysterical. A glimpse into what could have been.

I don’t know who is madder – Ron or Dumbledore. Snape always has resting serpent face.

Dumbledore looks like he is about to commit a crime.

Minerva gets dismissed a lot. I think we all need a little wand to do a brain dump each night.

I have a hard time buying the Ron jealousy and the feud.

Rita Skeeter. “Ignore the quill. Because you are no ordinary boy at 12.”

Sirius showing up in the fire makes me think of that toy you stick your face in and a impression appears.

While the Ron, Hermione, and Harry telephone message scene is funny, I don’t see her doing that even once. But I’m glad she did. Hagrid always comes through in the clutch.

I love that Krum starts to kick out Skeeter. The mini dragons are epic. Like little avatars.

Cedric looking concerned as he starts off to face his dragon – it’s like he knows that Twighlight will be a downgrade from this experience.

The Yule Ball preparation is great. It is sooo awkward. This was well done. Krum is busy training.

Ron is so dense! Snape isn’t playing. Hermione is saying yes to the dress, but whom did she say yes to?

Harry getting turned down in the owl tower is pretty fowl.

And the Yule Ball ends like most dances. “Ron, you spoil everything!”

Myrtle gives all the clues if you are paying attention. Notice what she said she found in the drain? Foreshadowing…

So, is Longbottom under control? Or is he acting if his own volition?

“Oh my god! I’ve killed Harry Potter!” – Longbottom

The Gillyweed works!

The pensive magic is pretty amazing. I could use one of those.

Somebody is stealing from Snape’s personal supply? Uh oh! Snape is not happy in the least. Second time this movie that the potion is mentioned. Hmmmm….

The song the band plays before the last challenge is my favorite piece of the soundtrack.

Diggory looks like he has Ben cast in Twilight.

Cedric and Harry grab the port key together same way they did ya the beginning of the movie. This time they wind up in a cemetery.

Wormtail carrying Baby Voldemort is equal parts funny and spooky. And then he dumps the little baby in the cauldron.

Cedric falls victim to the unforgivable curse.

Voldy reappears much like a Phoenix.

But darker.

And finally we have the showdown between Harry and the big bad.

Voldemort says he is going to kill Harry.

He apparently doesn’t realize there are 4 more movies…

Is the Expeliarmous curse as strong as the killing curse? We are debating.

Harry is now surrounded by Force ghosts compelling him to run to the port key. Cedric asks him to take his body back (and not let him do that vampire movie).

Harry escapes with Cedric’s body. The band kicks up again. Then stops when everyone realizes that Cedric has gone on to do Twilight errr I mean died (same thing).

Mad Eye Moody lets slip that he knows about the graveyard. And starts letting everything slip.

“Mad Eye Moody” attempts to do in Potter. Dumbledore kicks in the door with wand blazing. The real Mad Eye is discovered locked in a trunk.

Snape discover poly juice potion. And we welcome back Crouch JR. He warns that Lord Voldemort has returned. Snape sticks his wand in Crouch’s cheek.

Diggory is mourned for his upcoming role in that vampire movie, but lauded for his revival as Bruce Wayne.

Dumbledore visits Harry as he is packing. He relives his days as a fourth year arsonist at Hogwarts and then reminds Harry is not alone. He has friends.

Hermione makes the boys promise to write. They won’t. The other two schools leave campus. The pirates shoot their cannons and then submerge. The horses buzz the top of their ship and the fly off.

This ends Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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