Star Wars Day – 9 Ways to Celebrate

Is the Force with you? Star Wars Day is May the 4th (May the 4th be with you) – how are you celebrating? Need something to do?

Here are 9 ways to celebrate Star Wars Day:

1. Watch the movies.

So there are 9 movies to choose from (11 if you include the two stand-alones). You probably can’t watch ALL of them, but you can watch a few. Which movies do you pick? I guess that depends on when you were born. Traditionalists will pick from episodes 4-6 (I would pick Empire Strikes Back). Prequel Babies will most like pick from episodes 1-3 (Revenge of the Sith is brutal, but of the prequels is the one I like the most). And finally, if you are completely new to Star Wars or have kids born in the last 6-8 years, you probably will pick episodes 7-9.

If you are looking for a fun back to back showing, try watching Rogue One followed immediately by A New Hope.

2. Drink some blue milk.

If you want to drown your sorrows over not being allowed to go to the Tosche Station to pick up some power converters, you can simply add some blue coloring to a cold glass of milk to create a Star Wars staple.

3. Have a lightsaber battle.

Proceed with caution. Whether dueling with a tree or another human combatant, be sure not to harm yourself or others. Don’t have a replica of the Jedi weapon? A stick, a wrapping paper roll, or just about anything can be used as a substitution. The only thing required to make it real? You have to make the humming noise as you duel. Bonus points if you play the Duel of the Fates track from Episode 1.

4. Pick a soundtrack.

Speaking of tracks, John Williams, the composer of all the Stars Wars music, is legendary. If you find yourself having to work, pick a soundtrack (I’m partial to Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones) to play in the background.

5. Read a Star Wars book.

To say that the galaxy of Star Wars is vast is understated. There are books (both considered canon and no longer considered canon) that will take you on more adventures in a galaxy far, far away. There are also tiered stories for the younger readers/listeners of Star Wars.

One of my favorite novels is Shadows of the Empire. Great read.

6. Watch an episode of the Mandalorian.

One of the best new adaptations into the Star Wars universe is The Mandalorian. It plays like an old western. It seems slow at first, but then you see The Child (aka The Baby Yoda). Worth checking out for the first time on Star Wars Day.

7. Build a Star Wars Lego set.

Let your feelings flow through you as you assemble a small StarWars scene – or if you have the gumption, you can build your own Death Star.

8. Pretend to use the Force.

Now this never gets old. Put the garage opener in your pocket, hold out a hand, click the button, and pretend to open the door with the Force. Bonus points if you wear a robe while doing it. Negative bonus points if you accidentally (or intentionally) Force choke someone. Stay away from the Dark Side.

9. Find the Star Wars Easter Eggs.

When the DVDs came out, there was a sequence through which you could hit 1138 and hidden features on the DVD would appear. Not sure if there is a digital version of this. Instead, you can find shows that have Star Wars themes or episodes.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate the Force today – try to have some fun. Scratch that. Do or do not. There is no try. 

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