Back Home Again in the CX-9 (Updated)

Disclosure: I was loaned a car for the purpose of this piece. My thoughts and words are my own.

There were many things that I enjoyed about the Mazda CX-9. Sure the locales that it took me ranged from practical to celebratory, but the experience in the car itself? It was a joy.

Mazda CX-9

The vehicle is a force of its own. It handles roads (my city has over 100 roundabouts) well and has plenty of muscle to accelerate as needed to safely navigate traffic. To say it is a comfortable ride is an understatement. In fact, the ride may have been the envy of the god of Thunder himself (or I convinced a cool cosplayer to stand in front of the car on Free Comic Book Day).

The CX-9 even made an appearance at the world’s most famous race track. Notice the sleek lines on display outside of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A friend and I had some fun attending an event before the Indy 500. It was great to arrive in style.

But being a parent isn’t all superheroes and parties. Sometimes it means being the chauffeur of super busy kids. The trunk of the CX-9 is spacious and was a great way to lug around the numerous bags needed. At one point, the trunk was holding Taekwondo bags, lacrosse bags, baseball bags, and book bags. It was also super handy at the grocery store.

One last thing that I truly enjoyed about this vehicle – the media. Whether it was the navigation, Bluetooth capability, or the satellite radio, the layout of the controls and functionality make it easy to use (meaning eyes remain on the road) and add to any commute. My absolute favorite thing was the hologram like effect of the speedometer. My eyes never had to leave the road to monitor my speed.

In short, I loved my time with the CX-9. But I wasn’t the only one! My four legged friend tried to commandeer the car. Wonder where he would have gone?

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