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I have partnered with Miko 2 to provide the review that follows. Though I have been compensated for this post, my thoughts and words are my own. As always, please check the product website to confirm details and claims. 

I’ve always wanted my own robot. 

I grew up with shows like The Jetsons and Lost in Space – not to mention the droids in that mythological space adventure that took place a long time ago in a galaxy kind of far away. I could name more shows, but you get the idea. 

There were robots everywhere. 

What was cool about these robots? They were almost like an extension of the family. Like a family dog that could actually talk and do other things too. I especially liked the idea that they got to know the familiy members and learn their personalities – almost like a buddy. 

Introducing the Miko 2

When the Miko 2 arrived at my home, the kids actually set it up – that’s how intuitive the instructions were. They connected it to the Wi-Fi, downloaded the app, and began to play with its many different features. 

As I mentioned, the setup was pretty simple (there are instructions that walk you through it – including a QR Code that links to the app) . You download the app, confirm a phone number or email address to attach to the account, and then Miko 2 sends you a code to verify your log in. 

What I like about the code, is that it is one of the layers of security provided by the product. According to the makers, the product is COPPA certified and designed with data privacy and security in mind. I also appreciate the parental controls that are available on the app. You can setup likes and dislikes for your child and allow the robot to get to know your kid better. 

What Can Miko Do? 

There are a variety of functions available on the Miko 2. The bottom line is that this robot engages with children to offer education, entertainment, and enrichment. 

Remember how Johnny 5 from Short Corcuit learned to tell jokes and dance? Well, Miko 2 does that already. All you have to do is ask the robot to tell a joke, or a story, or play a game and it does. And if you provide Miko 2 enough space, it can cut a rug as well. 

What is interesting about the platform is that it grows as you child grows and diversifies its content to meet the growth of your child. The target range for this robot is 5-10. 

Another cool fact of the robot is that it allows your to teleconnect with your child through the use of the app. This might be a useful feature for parents who may be away from home on travel and want to tell their kid a story, or just hang out and chat. The robot is equipped with a screen and a camera, so that you can see your child and they can see you – not to mention the fact that you can also hear each other. 

Conversational Learning

Another cool aspect of Miko 2 is the interaction that it allows your child. The robot can offer the opportunity to learn via conversation. Whether it is playing a game, offering trivia, or even telling a joke – the conversational cues offer children an opportunity to grow as communicators in addition to the lessons they may learn.

Still Learning

Our family’s Miko 2 just arrived, so we are still learning it, and it is learning about us. So far, we have seen it dance, tell jokes, and give us trivia. We have also had some fun with the teleconnect. We have also had some fun using the camera to capture still shots of our decorations and pets. So far, Miko is fitting right in. 

If you are interested in getting your own Miko 2, it  is available on the website and is available at a limited time introductory price. If you get your order in before December (2019), shipping by Christmas is guaranteed, Also, an added promotion is free shipping worldwide – for a limited time. As always, please check the product site to confirm details. 

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