CozyPhones Solves the Headphone Conundrum 


I received product for the purpose of reviewing. I was not compensated for this post – my thoughts and words are my own. All technical details and claims should be verified through the brand’s website.

CozyPhones solved a problem for me. That’s right – this cute little Froggy headband solved one of my problems. And if you have kids, I’m guessing you have had this problem too.

There are two inherent problems with things that emit sound – 1. Not everyone wants to hear the sound. 2. You can’t always hear the sound.

Let me paint the scene. Your child completes all the tasks of Hercules that you have required before they can have device time. Secretly, you want to give them one more task JUST so you don’t have to listen to their show (or its horrible intro song).


Let’s say your eldest child has a class or doctor’s appointment and you decide to roll out the device for the youngest while you attend to the needs of the eldest. The room doesn’t want to hear Dora demand help, or the  Hot Dog song, or the repetitive rave like music from Skyline Surfer.

So what do you do?

You offer your kid your headphones. The only problem? They don’t fit. You spend more time retro fitting the oversized headphones than whatever it was you need, or wanted, to pay attention to.

I was pleased when CozyPhones sent me a sample to try out.

It’s a headband with headphones!

The Froggy character is a hit with the kids as is the comfortable fit. No more complaining about the earbuds being too big or not fitting.

Something the parents may enjoy is that the kids’ headphones cap out at 85 decibels.

Notice I said the kids’ version? Yes, adults there are CozyPhones for you too! I don’t know about you, but I actually listen to music to fall asleep at night. The CozyPhones are a great solution to the nighttime headphone conundrum.

There’s also a Bluetooth option for active adults (think running or yard work).

So here I am trying to decide whether I can simply steal, errr borrow, my kid’s pair or if I should just get a pair of my own.

Now that’s a different conundrum. For more info on CozyPhones or to order your own pair, check out their website for more details.

While I was not compensated for this post, I did receive product for the intent of reviewing. My thoughts and words are my own. 

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