A Non Hollywood Christmas

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2298. Father Christmas Chronicles. There is a common misconception regarding Christmas and children and the “order” of the day. There are a plethora of movies that show the mother and father slumbering peacefully, only to be awoken by two (or more) of the most delightful young cherubs as they gently rouse … Read more

A PSA On Christmas Pets

Captain’s Log.  Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1899.  Writing this post at the gas station whilst filling up Mrs. Captain’s tank.  It is cold. Anyways…here is the elf today.  Today we find the elf in a precarious placement .  That’s right, the elf is hugging the toy cat.  Jingle Bells would like to take this moment … Read more

Christmas Shell

Captain’s Log.  Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1564.  The lights on the tree are still glowing.  The house is finally silent.  It was a very good day. Before I go to sleep…I have one question. Who designs the packaging for toys? Second question – What are they mad about? The talent of this individual is being … Read more

Maiden Voyage

Captain’s Log.  Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper date 1562.  This is my Maiden Voyage on the interwebs in regards to my personal Captain’s Log.  There have been several previous entries which may be re-shared at a later date. It is Christmas Eve Eve.  The natives are restless.  The diaper dweller spent much of the day attempting to … Read more