Standardized Tests for Parents

Standardized Tests for Parents? We are approaching the second standardized testing session of the year for students. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if parents had to take a standardized test? In honor of the approaching testing week the Captain has helped to develop the first ever standardized test for parents.  We … Read more

The Poop Deck Origin Story Pt 1

  Poop Deck Community,  I’m anticipating a pretty fun summer, so I am doing some rearranging of the blog. One of those things I am modifying is my About page, but before I delete the original, I thought I would stick it in a “new” blog post. Kind of a fun way to remember my … Read more

Rewriting Nursery Rhymes.

Forgive me for this exploration. I’m tired and I have a habit of reading too deeply into topics that may not be as deep as I perceive them to be, but as I sit/lie here I have to wonder: I’m also currently stuck in my son’s loft, precariously perched and threatening the weight limit of … Read more