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Poop Deck Community, 

I’m anticipating a pretty fun summer, so I am doing some rearranging of the blog. One of those things I am modifying is my About page, but before I delete the original, I thought I would stick it in a “new” blog post. Kind of a fun way to remember my roots while introducing myself to new readers. One of the popular things in comics is the idea of revealing an origin story – the beginnings of our superheroes. And while I am far from a superhero, everyone has an origin story. So without further ado – here is part 1 of my origin story. That’s it for now. Captain…out! 

-The Captain


About The Captain:

Voted most marketable father by his children the last two years, Creed Anthony is the father of a boy and girl and the husband to an amazing woman.  Born and raised on the pot hole doted streets of Cleveland, Creed is a lifelong fan of all Cleveland teams.  He is also a teacher with 14 years experience.  He is a director for his school’s drama program, former baseball coach, and overgrown class clown.

He hopes that his joy of fatherhood, and penchant for occasionally writing in the third person, are abundantly clear in his writing.

About the critically acclaimed* blog Tales From The Poop Deck:

“Fatherhood.   The Final Frontier? Probably not.
These are my voyages.  It’s a lifetime  mission: to explore strange, new worlds – changing diapers, cleaning puke, reading bedtime stories, bandaging bruises, dressing like a princess,  rocking babies, dressing like a pirate, and quelling fears (mine and the children’s) along the way.  To boldly go where many fathers have boldly gone before.”

This is my personal log, the Captain’s Log, of many events – some victories and some defeats, but mostly just embarrassing stories.  Feel free to laugh, cry, or send reinforcements.  Please know the following:

  1. This is a blog.  Therefore, there will be typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, split infinitives, and if you listen closely enough you will hear some mispronunciations as I read while I am typing.  Sorry in advance.
  2. I am no expert on children – only mine (and even that is a stretch).
  3. Nothing in this blog should be taken as medical, legal, or any worthwhile advice.  Please check with medical/legal people before making any life altering decisions.  For real.
  4. Thank you for reading.  If you get a chuckle then please share this site with a friend.  If you hate it?  Share it with someone you don’t like – just make sure they have internet access.

Why Captain’s Log?  Let’s be honest…even the most prepared, organized, sane, even keeled person is never fully prepared to be a parent.  Just when you think you have things under control a storm breaks, there’s a mutiny, or there is a leak in the boat.  I navigate the waters and hazards – with the intention of raising my precious cargo to the best of my, and my second in command’s (don’t tell her I gave her that title…) ability.  The Captain’s Log will share the humor, confusion, frustration, sadness, and sheer joy of being a parent.


Why the Poop Deck?  The Poop Deck is actually the stern – an elevated area that the Captain (or helmsman, or navigator, or whatever) would use to observe the ship and navigate the waters.  It all stems from the French translation of the word stern – la poupe.  Poupe sounds like poop which as a dad, who changes diapers, I am very familiar with.  So…the poop deck is a bad enough pun that makes sense and is sophomoric enough to make some of you laugh.

No, I am not a huge Star Trek fan.  Yes, I know that I am spoofing Captain James T. Kirk’s famous journaling – that is the extent of the similarities.  There are days when I am the hero, and there are days when I am the expendable red shirted member of the Enterprise (see, I do know a little).  The bottom line?  Enjoy the blog.  Leave a comment.  Have a great day. Thank you.

No Vulcans were harmed in the creation of this blog.


*Critically acclaimed by paid friends and family members not by “real” experts.


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