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As an English teacher, one of my jobs is to look for themes in literature. One of the most common subjects in these literary themes? Sleep. And I’m not referring to the naps that I may occasionally take during lunch.


So when I had the opportunity to vie for the vaunted crown of #KingofRest, I felt as though I had a leg up on the rest of my other Dad Blogger contenders – or should I call them pretenders? Let’s be honest, if any of those guys think they are winning, they are merely dreaming.

Of the legends who have scribed about sleep, perhaps the greatest is Shakespeare. He wrote a lot about sleep and dreams. And from those words and examples we can feel the gravity of a good night’s sleep.

Macbeth may be the best example. In the play, named after the title character, Macbeth commits a cowardly act to claim the throne in Scotland, yet after he becomes King he is so riddled with guilt that he cannot sleep – for the rest of the play. At one point, he claims to hear a voice that cries “Sleep No More. Macbeth doth murdered sleep.” The lack of sleep, paired with his guilt, preys upon his choices and, inevitably, is his undoing.

Healthy sleep is important. A lack of sleep can affect every aspect of your life – as a parent, worker, or simply it can rob you the energy to have fun. Sometimes sleep is interrupted by choices we make, and sometimes it is because of the surface on which we sleep. And if that surface is waking you up in the middle of the night to toss and turn, it is preventing you, or your loved ones, from reaching that deep rejuvenating sleep.

As an individual with sleep apnea, I am acutely aware of just how disruptive sleepless nights can be. I have learned just how important, and beneficial, a good night’s sleep can be. I have experienced the days, and I’m sure many others have as well, where I felt more like a zombie than a human because of a lack of sleep.

The good folks at Restonic know that life’s balancing act isn’t easy. They strive to provide a product that they know will support the dreams of the people who sleep on their mattresses. They believe that a healthy night’s sleep is not a privilege, but is a right – a necessity.  Every Restonic mattress is handmade with better quality materials and greater attention to detail than comparably priced mattresses from competitive brands. Restonic is the supporting dreams company.

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In the meantime, I am going to try and fend off these other dads claiming to be the #KingofRest. Check out the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and see some of the hilarity that is happening. Despite the fact that they are all more like court jesters to me, these dads do understand, and appreciate, the importance of a good night’s worth of sleep. So check them out! Also, be sure to check out Restonic through the links below:

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