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I am a big fan of Disney. I always have been a fan of the movies, but not so much the amusement park. That all changed when my wife convinced me to agree to a two day trip to Disney with my then 2 year-old daughter. Let’s just say that it converted me. The magic smacked me in the face and we have been back twice since. If this experience did solidify me as a Lost Boy, I’m not sure what will.

Suffice to say that I had my doubts all the way up to the gate. I even wrote about it in a blog that I have long since abandoned. However, since nothing truly leaves the interwebs, I found that piece and have pasted it here for your enjoyment.

Long before I became The Captain, I was simply a cynical dad. Here’s the proof:

The time has come, the wife said, to take the toddler to Mickeyland.

I believe, in my heart of hearts, that I am a decent father.  Then why am I having such a hard time releasing my cynicism regarding the golden rodent in Orlando?  My daughter is EXCITED.  She went to sleep hours ago, begrudgingly, murmuring about Mickey and Cinderella cleaning their house so that she can come visit.  While that did bring a smile to my face, all I could think about was Mickey and Cinderella cleaning out my wallet. 

Now let’s set a few things straight.  1.  My parents never took me to Disney when I was a kid.  I do not hold that against them, nor do I feel like my childhood was cheapened because of that.  2.  I have been to Disney once – as a college student.  It was during Spring Training for track (I was a thrower, not a runner) and I remember money being at a premium.  I clearly remember spending $20 for a “value meal” (which didn’t include a drink) that still left me hungry, and one of my teammates getting kicked out of Pleasure Island (which is no longer open)…but that’s another story for another day. 

I also had a close friend who worked at Disney and LOVED it.  She didn’t profit from it monetarily (The Mouse doesn’t split his cash with anybody…lol), but still claims it was the best job she ever had.  She claimed it really is “magical”.  

If it is so magical why does it cost me so much money?  Sorry, that was my inner cynic talking. 

Part of the problem is that I am an adult now (allegedly) and know that although we will enjoy our two days with the Mouse (really resisting calling him a rodent) that eventually the magic will end and we will head back to reality. 

But what my adult mind needs to realize is that the magic is going to last for some time with my daughter.  And though it is going to cost me some paychecks…in the end it will be worth it.  My mother always said, “Don’t be in a hurry to grow up.  Cause once you grow up you are grown up for good.” 

I guess the best way for me to take a vacation from grown-up land is to simply let my daughter be my guide.  When she goes to wish upon a star instead of wondering how much it will cost me, I will realize how much these moments are worth.


So what changed? Unfortunately there was no follow-up post to this one, but I will be sharing that experience later this summer. I have written about my experience at Disney during a monsoon, but I need to expand on exactly what I have enjoyed about the “most magical place on earth”. And I will, but at a later date.


In the meantime, enjoy this Monday. That’s it for now. Captain…out.


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