Rewriting Nursery Rhymes.


Forgive me for this exploration. I’m tired and I have a habit of reading too deeply into topics that may not be as deep as I perceive them to be, but as I sit/lie here I have to wonder: I’m also currently stuck in my son’s loft, precariously perched and threatening the weight limit of his bed. Thus I need something to ease my mind until I wrestle my body from under this snoring child. So here it goes:

Who said that Humpty wanted to be put together again?

Consider the fact that he sat on a wall. How satisfying could a life on a wall be? Truly. You are forced to wonder what both sides are like, yet never afforded the opportunity to wander them. Walls are uncomfortable – even if you are shaped like an egg. Walls are territorial which, by definition, means you have no land, no home – you are the means by which territory is divided. You are an egg (allegedly) without a country.

Also consider the fact that the rhyme says he had a “great fall”. Lots of people fall, some cannot get up, but many fall on purpose. People fall out of perfectly good airplanes skydiving, fall off of perfectly good bridges while attached to bungee cords, fall down hills while riding roller coasters, and fall down slopes with skis. The rhyme says “great fall” not tragic fall.

Also consider that “all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again”. Well, who needs them? What good are they?

Maybe Humpty didn’t have it so bad. Maybe he was happy he fell. Maybe he fell and when his shell cracked he transformed into something more regal and majestic. Maybe he was happy.

Maybe it was simply Humpty’s destiny to fall off the wall, and perhaps, just maybe this nursery rhyme is an ode to the beginning of a wonderful breakfast tradition – scrambled eggs. Maybe it was a great fall, because it brought us something so wonderful. Maybe this nursery rhyme should be recited with reverence.

Or maybe I am reading too much into the rhyme. Or maybe I just need someone to come and get me down from the this bed.

Send food.

Until next time, Captain….out.

WAIT! I leave you with this remix of the old classic to pay tribute to Humpty’s contribution (warning- it’s not great, but humor me):

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.
And in the broken pieces he found himself whole.
After falling he found his freedom that others stole.
No longer an ornament on a wall to see,
This fallen egg was filled with pure glee.
So shed no tears for Humpty Dumpty’s tale.
And remember that to fall doesn’t mean that you fail.
We’re it not for Humpty’s brave sacrifice,
Without scrambled eggs we would have to suffice.
Thank you Humpty for your noble and brave gesture.
Can some please pass the salt and the pepper?

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